About us

Holland Salsa and Bachata Fest is a collaboration between Francisco Vazquez (Los Angeles) and Heidy Willaert (Voorhout, Netherlands). Together they organise events for the Salsacommunity with the focus on bringing people together, learn and share dance & culture. They also organise the Europe Woman Dance Fest. 

When Francisco is in The Netherlands they can be booked for workshops, bootcamps, masterclasses, choreographies, show-/and competitiontraining.

Heidy also runs VW Dance Studio in Voorhout  and also here is a collaboration with Francisco as a guestteacher and choreographer.  (V is from Vazquez and W is from Willaert)

Francisco Vazquez originally from Guadalajara (Mexico), is 'the creator/pioneer' of Salsa LA Style on1 and founder & choreographer of Los Rumberos Dance Company. Francisco was the first one to use tricks and acrobatics in his shows. He also introduced music editing into the Salsascene. He is the oldest of the three Vazquez Brothers. Francisco was the first one to start Salsadancing. He passed the art on to his brothers who also became famous Salsadancers, For over 30 years now Francisco still works as a dancer, instructor and choreographer and continues to inspire people worldwide!

He has been on stage next to Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Ruben Blades, Jilberto Santa Rosa, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Oscar de Leon and many other Latin artists. He has won numereous competitions and is a gifted choreographer. He worked as a dancer and choreographer in music videos, televisionshows and commercials; Dance with Me, Selena, Looking for Lola, Multiplicity and music videos with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez en Selena. Hij also danced in Sabado Gigante and the Academy Awards Fashion show, Andy Garcia’s tribute to cacheó, the tv show 'Love Boat', and Coca cola and Miller lite commercials. His latest big project was choreographing the Salsa musical 'Who killed Pedro Navaja' in 2019, he also played a leading role. 

Being the creator and one of the pioneers in LA Style on1, Francisco developed his own style. Taking his class is learning from the source itself! Next to Salsa Francisco teaches many other Latin Styles, such as Cha cha, Bachata, Cumbia, Pachanga and Rumba. 

Heidy Willaert started Salsa dancing in 1999. Starting with Curacoa style she changed to On1 and then to On2. Heidy worked with many big names and has been on big stages. She started teaching in 2002 with Sederick Short. Over the years she has been teaching for several different schools. In 2015 she started as a paneljudge at the Dutch Salsa Championships. After a long pause she started VW Dance Studio in 2019 and a collaboration with Francisco Vazquez. In 2020 she also started her own Salsa studentteam.Now she focuses on the original Salsa LA Style, training & teaching and organising events.

Heidy's mission was and is putting together the Latin-American dances and the (technical) dances as we know in the West. With the aim to learn from each others technique and style to develop in a broader way as a dancer.  Next to Salsa, Heidy has a passion for African & Polynesian dance, percussion and singing. By combining these dances and music with Western dances, Heidy hopes to achieve that people learn to dance with technique, soul and passion!

Heidy also sings and has a former background as a lawyer, academic teacher and diving instructor.