Online classes

Online dance classes

Every Monday at 8.30 PM Amsterdam time!!

Musicality class with the creator of Salsa; Francisco Vazquez!

A group of students from the Netherlands and Belgium has been studying already with him for the last 10 months!

Online every week a live Zoomclass + an instructional video to practice. Choreography, history, Rumba, Pachanga, bodywork, Styling; all imbedded in his Style and taught through Musicality. Get a deeper understanding of what you do and when to do it!

Join thid group, get new material, practice, have fun, learn and dance with one of the most knowledgeable teachers you can get!

New series starting October 25 2021!! 

A package contains 4 online Zoomclasses and instructional videos!

Costs: €25,00

  • After payment you will be added to our Whatsapp group and on the day of class you will receive the Zoomlink to access the class.
  • After class you will receive an instructional video that will allow you to practice at home.

Install Zoom to follow your classes! 

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